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United Aircraft Corp. / UAC

In 1928, Boeing Airplane and Transportation Corporation went public and the stock sold quickly. Encouraged, Boeing formed the United Aircraft and Transport Corporation, which included Boeing Airplane Com-pany, Pratt & Whitney, Chance Vought, Sikorsky, Hamilton Propeller, Pacific Air Transport and Boeing Air Transport.
In 1934, Boeing was informed by the U.S. Government that he was violating the new antitrust laws. He resigned as chairman, sold out his stock and the corporation was divided into three new companies - United Air Lines to handle air transport, United Aircraft Corporation to take over the eastern manufacturing firms and Boeing Airplane Company to manage Western operations.
Jack Northrop was employed by United Aircraft and Transport Corporation. All went well until United decided Northrop should leave Burbank and join another United division. He remained in California to form a new company.
Uni-ted Aircraft Corporation with which Vought-Sikorsky merged.

This conglomerate was founded in 1934 to group together the activities of Pratt & Whitney Aircraft and Engines, Hamilton-Standard (formerly Hamilton Metalplane), United Airports and Vought-Sikorsky, each company retaining its separate identity.



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