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Ultralight Soaring Inc

Ultralite Soaring was founded by Bruce Gray, who began his activities in ultralight aviation by building undercarriages for Quicksilver hang-gliders. In 1983, this company offers a full range of machines which share the name Wizard and all are of similar configuration and technology. This variation on a theme allows the aircraft to be modified to suit the requirements of the owner. The range begins with the basic model, the weight-shift Wizard W4 (often known as Wizard I), and encompasses next the hybrid-control Wizard J-2, then the three-axis Wizard J-3, fourthly the Sky-Tractor agricultural aircraft and finally the Wizard T-38 two-seater, all the others being solo machines. All machines of types W-1, J-2 and J-3 can be fitted with a variety of engines, principally Yamaha, Rotax or Kawasaki, though there are also some Zenoah- and Lloyd-engined aircraft around. Ultralite Soaring tends to give the aircraft title a suffix to indicate the engine used, so that for example a Wizard W-1 with Yamaha engine becomes a W-1Y, while a Kawasaki-engined J-3 is dubbed Wizard J-3K. The standard engine mounts suit various power packs and engine changes can be made in under 5 min, using complete assemblies as sold by the company, which include propeller, reduction drive, fuel tank and (where applicable) electric start and battery.

1983: Ultralite Soaring (US) Inc, 3411 NE 6th Terrace, Pompano Beach, Florida 33064, USA.



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