Swearingen Aircraft Corp

Ed Swearingen became Dee Howard's first employee. Founded 1953, this company had built prototypes for other makers, including Piper Twin Comanche before 1966, when its Merlin series of twin-turboprop executive aircraft reached production.

The Merlin was Swearingen's own design, rather than a conversion of an existing aircraft. The airplane was so well received that it gained 40 percent of the turboprop market in three years.

By late 1960s was building Merlin IIB eight-seater as successor to HA (33 built) and 22-seat Metro commuter airliner. Also offered improved versions of Beechcraft types. Merlin III was 8/10 seat executive type; Merlin IV a corporate version of Metro.

Excalibur Aviation was sold: it had been a division of Swearingen Aircraft, which later built the Merlins and Metros.

In 1971 the company became a subsidiary of Fairchild Industries, becoming Swearingen Aviation Corporation, but later renamed Fairchild Aircraft Corporation.

Emivest Aerospace Corporation is the result of a partnership formed in June 2008 when Emirates Investment and Development Company PSC (Emivest) acquired 80% interest in US based aircraft manufacturing company, Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation (SSAC).