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Swallow Aircraft Co

Walter Beech had made a name for himself in the early 1920s racing a Laird Swallow aircraft and became a principal of the Swallow Aircraft Co in 1923. The Winstead Special was derived by the Winstead brothers from an initial metal fuselage frame developed at Swallow by Stearman and Walter Beech, and subsequently discarded by Swallow. The rejection of the metal frame concept, by Swallow president Jake Moellendick, triggered the departure of Stearman and Beech, and the creation of Travel Air. Beech resigned in 1924 to form the Travel Air Manufacturing Co with Lloyd Stearman and Clyde Cessna (who also became well known aircraft manufacturers in later years).

First product of the Swallow Aircraft Co was Model 1924 Swallow Commercial three seater (a refined Laird Swallow). Type was successful, especially in Middle West, and improved progressively. On April 6,1926 a Swallow biplane (modified New Swallow type, called Swallow Mail plane) made inaugural flight for Varney Air Lines (later part of United Air Lines) marking significant advance in U.S. air transport. Swallow Commercial of 1928 offered with various engines; Swallow Special 3-seater had Axelson engine. In 1930s company developed Swallow Coupe light cabin monoplane. As Swallow Aircraft Company Inc was developing two-seat low wing types in 1941, but their production inhibited by Second World War.



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