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Formed 1 March 1957 by amalgamation of Ouest-Aviation (SNCASO) and Sud-Est Aviation (SNCASE). Main responsibility was further development and marketing of highly successful S.E.210 Caravelle twin-jet airliner, first flown in 1955, and Alouette series of helicopters. Continued also development of S.E.5000 Baroudeur, S.O.9050 mixed-power interceptor and widely used S.O.4050 Vautour twin-jet multipurpose aircraft. Frelon series of large turbine-powered helicopters developed after first flight in February 1959, and Super Frelon flew December 1962, setting new world records. In 1965, Morane-Saulnier became a subsidiary of Sud-Aviation. Design leadership in A300 European Airbus assumed and diversification into non-aeronautical fields undertaken. Jointly with Nord Aviation made Corvette light rear-engined jet transport.

On January 1st, 1970 became major component of Aerospatiale, with Nord-Aviation and SOCATA, and the missile manufacturing company, SEREB.



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