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Stampe et Vertongen
Constructions Aéronautics J.Stampe & M.Vertongen

Jean Stampe and Maurice Vertongen founded their company as a flying school at Antwerp-Deurne in 1922. Specialized in trainer aircraft. Early type designations signified that Alfred Renard was chief designer.
After Renard left the company he was replaced by Georges Ivanow.
In 1947 the partnership with Renard was renewed.

In April 1923 flew RSV.32-90 and developed several biplane types and parasol monoplanes. Greatest success was S.V.4 series of two-seat trainer biplanes, built from 1933 and famed for manoeuvrability and strength. Type was also built by SNCAN in France. S.V.5 was military multipurpose type; S.V.7 a bomber/reconnaissance biplane; S.V.10 a two-seat twin-engined military multipurpose type for Belgian Government. Although the company's Antwerp factory was destroyed in Second World War the name lives on in aerobatic flying.


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