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Societe Nationale de Constructions Aeronautiques du Sud-Est

In France, the Socialist Government of the so-called Popular Front brought all the companies building military aircraft, aero engines and ar-mament under its control in 1936. The immediate result was the socialized oblivion of such established companies as Marcel Bloch, Bleriot, Nieuport, Potex, Dewoitine, Hanriot and Farman within half a dozen nationalized groups or Societies Nationales, named according to their geographical location (Nord, Ouest, Centre, Midi and so on). Liore-et-Olivier, Potez, Romano, and SPCA formed SNCASE in 1936. Sud-Est was a nationalised company that had taken over manufacture from Bloch.

Company thus became responsible for development and production of LeO.45 twin-engined bomber, first flown January 1937, outstanding in many points of design and much used and adapted during and after Second World War. Built also Romano trainers and LeO.43 catapult floatplane, of type first flown December 1934.

In 1941 the company absorbed SNCAM. Early post-Second World War products included Languedoc four-engined airliner, developed from Bloch 161 of 1939, which entered service between Paris and Algiers in 1946, and was ordered additionally for military use.

Dewoitine joined SNCASE in 1942.

After World War II, although four of the nationalized groups continued operating under state control, private companies were allowed to resume the design and manufacture of both civil and military aircraft. Some of the pioneering names of French aviation, such as Breguet and Morane-Saulnier, returned to prominence, and by 1950 a new one had been added-Avions Marcel Dassault.

Military types in development included Grognard twin-jet attack aircraft of 1950; the unique trolley-launched skid-landing Baroudeur strike aircraft of 1953; and Mistral and Aquilon developments of the British de Havilland Vampire and Sea Venom. Especially notable original developments were the Alouette helicopter series first flown in 1951, and the rear-engined twin-jet Caravelle in 1955.

Until 1 September 1956 known as Societe Nationale de Constructions Aeronautiques du Sud-Est (SNCASE). On the 1st September 1956 the S.N.C.A. du Sud-Est was merged with the S.N.C.A. du Sud-Ouest into Sud-Aviation.


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