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Spencer-Larsen Aircraft Corp

Formed 1937 by P. H. Spencer (formerly of Amphibions Inc) and V. A. Larsen (previously with Fokker, Standard and Sikorsky) to develop two-seat amphibian with remotely-driven pusher propeller.

Spencer and Vincent A. Larsen design the single engine SL-12C amphibian.

Spencer leaves Spencer-Larsen in September 1940 and starts the work on his own S-12 Air Car amphibian design.

The Spencer S-12 Amphibian Air Car, NX29098, takes to the air for the first time on 8 August 1941, from sea on Belmore, Great South Bay, Long Island.

Spence accepts a job offer from The Mills Novelty Company, Chicago, IL, in 1943. In April the Air Car is flown from Long Island to Chicago, Illinois.



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