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Founded 1955 by Leland Snow to make agricultural aircraft of own design. Incorporated 1961; expanded 1963. Original Snow S-2B, a low-wing single-seat monoplane of metal construction, with fixed landing gear, received FAA Type Approval July 1958. By end of February 1965 260 aircraft of basic S-2 series delivered to 19 U.S. states and 11 foreign countries.
In 1965 Rockwell-Standard acquired Snow Aeronautical, continuing to produce agricultural aircraft at Olney as Snow Commanders (as division of Aero Commander), and acquired Intermountain Manufacturing Company (IMCO) 1966. Single-engined Model 112 delivered to customers from 1972. Low-wing twin-engined Rockwell Commander 700 produced jointly with Fuji in Japan. Thrush Commander was very notable specially-designed agricultural aircraft. The entire Thrush Commander range sold to Ayres Corp and then became known by the Ayres name. Shrike Commander 500S terminated 1980 but Commander Jetprops continued by Gulfstream American Corporation.



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