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SIPA / Societe Industrielle Pour I'Aeronautique

Formed 1938 and until 1940 was manufacturing parts under subcontract for Liore et Olivier, Amiot, and Morane types and overhauling Mureaux aircraft. First postwar production aircraft was S.10 (French version of Arado 396, for which the company had wartime responsibility).
Developed versions were built in quantity. SIPA 901 (derived from S90 of 1947) flew 1948 and ordered by Government for Service de I'Aviation Legere et Sportive. Minijet, flown in 1952, was world's first all-metal 2-seat light jet; SIPA 300 was more conventional jet trainer.

In 1954 Max Fischl was SIPA test pilot.

Later trainers and light aircraft included Coccinelle 2-seater, and 5-seat turboprop Antilope. Company was associated with production of Caravelle, Mirage, Alouette, and Concorde, and specialised in furnishing and equipping airliners.

Taken over by subsidiary of Aerospatiale.



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