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Simmonds Aircraft Ltd
Spartan Aircraft Ltd

Simmonds Aircraft Ltd was formed September 1928, in which year O. E. (later Sir Oliver) Simmonds designed and built the Spartan two-seat biplane. Outwardly conventional, but planned for "Spartan" economy (e.g. interchangeable wings and ailerons, and rudder interchangeable with elevator). At Southampton, Hampshire, produced 49 examples, mostly for export, but some for National Flying Services Ltd. One made many Arctic flights.

Early in 1930 Simmonds Aircraft Ltd., which had made the Spartan biplane, was reconstituted under the name Spartan Aircraft Ltd. Made altered version of Simmonds Spartan called Spartan Arrow. Spartan Three-Seater built at East Cowes, Isle of Wight, where company moved early 1931. Spartan Cruiser was development of Saro-Percival (later Spartan) Mailplane of 1931, and the refined Cruiser III ended production in May 1935.



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