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Societa Idrovolanti Alta Italia
Siai-Marchetti Societa Per Azioni

The original company was founded in 1915 as SIAI (Società Idrovolanti Alta Italia - Seaplane company of Northern Italy). After World War I gained the name Savoia, when it acquired the Società Anonima Costruzioni Aeronautiche Savoia, an Italian aircraft company founded by Umberto Savoia in 1915.
The name Marchetti was added when chief designer Alessandro Marchetti joined the company in 1922. Savoia-Marchetti gained prominence with the successful S.55 flying boat. Savoia-Marchetti became famous for its flying boats and seaplanes, which set numerous endurance and speed records. Favoured by Air Marshal Italo Balbo, the company began rapidly prototyping and developing a number of other aircraft, increasingly focusing on warplanes in the lead-up to World War II. However, most of S.M.'s manufacturing capabilities were destroyed in World War Two. It was renamed SIAI-Marchetti in 1943.
Since 1946 engaged in overhaul and repair work and developed new aircraft. SIAI-Marchetti only survived in postwar Italy by building trucks and railway equipment. However it still struggled with insolvency for 6 years after the war before declaring bankruptcy in 1951.
In 1953, the company reopened. Types have included SA.202 Bravo trainer produced jointly with FFA in Switzerland; S.205 four-seater and S.208 development. First flew SF.250 aerobatic trainer in July 1964; became highly successful SF.260 production aircraft for civil and military use (initials in SF.260 denoted design by Stelio Frati). In 1968 company formed a Vertical Flight Division, but increasing helicopter work became associated with Agusta and Elicotteri Meridionale. SM.1019 light multipurpose high-wing monoplane followed 1969, SF.600 Canguro transport 1979 (recently taken over by VulcanAir), and S211 jet trainer and light attack aircraft 1981.
Agusta, which had acquired 30% of SIAI-Marchetti in 1970, had increased its stake to about 60% by 1973 and reached complete ownership in 1983.
Company taken over by Aermacchi January 1997.




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