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Ryan Falconer V-12



The V-12 engine developed by RFI has been used in racing boats, specialty race and street cars, trucks, airboats and now aircraft.   This engine incorporates the latest splayed-valve cylinder head technology and the highest quality internal components developed for acing such as Carrillo rods and JE hypereutectic pistons.  The engine was developed by RFI specifically for Papa 51 Ltd. Co. with unique features, including:
Special long-runner electronic sequential tuned-port injection system with end-entry plenums for narrow width
10.9:1 compression ratio
Special grind hydraulic roller cam for low RPM horsepower and torque
Additional bosses on the drive end of the crankcase to provide greater clamp area for the gearbox.


B.J Schramm headed the project to develop the gearbox for Papa 51. Final design and analysis was done by Oswald Webb of England, who worked on the original Merlin engine reduction and was Chief Design Engineer for GKN, the largest gear works in Europe. The unit is designed to endure up to 1500 HP, pulling 13.5 Gs doing 1 second snap rolls for more than 400 hours. The reduction ratio is 2.8:1. It is a straight cut spur gear arrangement with a quill shaft between crankshaft and drive gear.


Ryan Falconer V-12
Type: Aluminum 90 degree V-12
Displacement: 601 cubic inches
Horsepower: 640 HP @ 4500 RPM
Torque: 700+ ft./lb. @ 4000 RPM
Compression Ratio: 10.9:1
Bore: 4.125 in.
Stroke: 3.750 in.
Fuel: 100 LL Avgas.
Heads: Cast aluminum with splayed valve design
Cylinders: Steel sleeveds
Empty Weight: 2200 lbs
Main bearing size: Same as 400 CID Chevrolet "small block"
Rod bearing size: Same as 350 CID Chevrolet "small block"
Cam bearings: Similar to Chevrolet "small block"
Rods: Forged, Carrillo Industriess
Pistons: Forged aluminum
Valve train: Dual spring
Valves: Stainless, 2.190 intake / 1.610 exhaust
Rocker assembly: Investment cast stainless steel, 17-4
Roller tappets: AC Delco
Pushrods: Smith Brothers
Manifold: RFI, with end entry plenums and 70mm butterflies
Ignition: Delco Direct Fire (no distributor) with dual MOTEC computers
Freeze plugs: Threaded with o-rings
Port runners: Pre-machined for better flow
Crankshaft: Bryant
Timing gears: RFI custom
Head gasket: Special, Fel-Pro
Dry oil sump pump: RFI custom
Damper: Fluidampr
Length: 55.5 in.
Width: 24.25 in.
Weight: 980 lb. (firewall forward, includes: accessories, batteries, gear reduction unit, hoses, propeller, etc.)




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