Parajet 4 Fun Volution

Micro 1800cc

The Volution Macro 1800cc is designed for the long distance Paragliding flyer and heavier pilots. The Macro 1800cc has a 3 hour flight range from its 14 litre fuel tank.

The Volution Compact 1800cc is an all round performance paramotor. A small carbon fibre Scimitar propeller enables easy take-off with little noise.

Volution Macro 1800cc
Engine: 2 Stroke
Starter: Electric
Thrust: 65kg
Propeller: 1.3 metre carbon fibre Scimitar
Endurance: 3 hour
Fuel capacity: 14 litre
Pilot weight range: 65-160kg
Net price: US$2,500 2010

Volution Compact 1800cc
Prop: carbon fibre Scimitar
Pilot weight range: 65-100kg
Net price: US$2,150 2010