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Nirvana Paramotors Colibri


This light paramotor is suitable for pilots weighing between 45 and 80 kg. The paramotor is equipped with very light drive rocket unit. The centrifugal clutch and electrical starter enable maximum ease of manipulation on the ground and take off. The tuned exhaust together with wooden or composite propeller ensures sufficient performance for fast take off and safe climb.  The paramotor features a four-parts folding frame and AustriAlpine Powerfly carbines.
Price per Unit (piece) 2009: $6,316.00

Engine: Raket 120
Power: 13.5 PS (9,000 rpm)
Ignition: Contactless
Carburettor: Diaphragm WALBRO
Reduction: Belting 1:3
Exhaust: Radne
Propeller: Wooden, two blade (115, 125 cm)
Starting Gear: Electrical
Fuel Tank: 10 litres, integrated
Body • Frame: Self-supporting, laminated shell, orange colour • Aluminium, four-parts, foldable
Harness: Anatomic construction, silencing of the remaining vibrations, straps AustriAlpin Cobra, front reserve container – removable
Accessories: Maintenance free battery NiCd charged during the flight, socket 16.8 VDC, fuel gauge
Equipment: Padded bag for engine complete with wheels, frame and propeller packs
Weight: 18 kg
Recommended Pilot Weight: 40–70 kg
Minimum Static Thrust: 52/50 kP (according to the propeller size 125/115 cm)
Average fuel consumption:  3 litres per hour



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