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Swedish Aerosport Mosquito NRG


Hang glider power pack.
The Mosquito will fit most modern gliders with only one permanent modification. The keel has to be cut 1200 mm (47") behind the hang point. The cut off section can be refitted to help rig the wing and for free flight. The 120 cc engine produces 15 Hp and will gives a climb rate of around 2 m/s (400 ft/m). A centrifugal clutch allows the propeller to stand still while the engine idles. This is a big safety factor and also reduces vibration. It has electric start and prop brake with foldable carbon prop. It also has intake silencer and after muffler.

Empty weight: 24 kg
Engine: Racket, 15 hp
Reduction: 1:2.6
Prop diameter: 135 cm
Fuel capacity: 4 lt
Price (1998): £3000



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