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 Wright T49
A 6,500–10,380 shp (4,850–7,740 kW) turboprop version of the J65 (Sapphire) was developed by Curtiss-Wright as the Wright T49, and a commercial derivative, the Wright TP51A2 was also designed.
The T49 first ran in December 1952 at 8,000 shp (6,000 kW), followed by flight testing in a Boeing XB-47D test bed from 26 August 1955.
Beginning in 1951, two XB-47Ds were modified from B-47Bs as purely experimental platforms, with a Wright YT49-W-1 turboprop engine spinning a four-paddle prop, replacing each of the inboard two-jet pods. Difficulties with engine development delayed first flight of the XB-47D until 26 August 1955. The aircraft's performance was comparable to that of a conventional B-47, and its reversible propellers shortened the landing roll, but the USAF did not follow up the idea.
By this time however, the market for the engine had vanished.

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