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E.N.V. Motor Syndicate Opposed 4 cyl.
The three horizontally opposed, four-cylinder, overhead-valve engines that appeared at aircraft shows between October 1909-10 were E.N.V.'s only departure from their standard 90° V8 layout. Technical details are rather sparse, but the 1909 engine had steel cylinders and combined inlet/exhaust valves. The 30 hp 1910 engine had separate steel cylinder heads and barrels, screwed and brazed together. Inlet and exhaust valves were also separated, placed respectively below and above the cylinders and worked by push/pull rods and rockers. Only one of these horizontal engines flew, powering the Neale monoplane of 1909-10 at Brooklands for a short time.
25/30 hp
Year: 1909
Power: 24 hp @ 1,200 rpm
Capacity: 4,100cc
Bore×Stroke: 109×110mm
Weight: 30kg
Manufactured in France
Year: 1910
Power: 30 hp @ 1,200 rpm
Capacity: 2,300cc
Bore×Stroke: 90×90mm
Weight: 40 kg bare
30 hp
Year: 1910
Power: 30 hp
Capacity: 3,050cc
Bore×Stroke: 80×120mm
Weight: 60kg

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