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Fiat SA 8/75
The 1908 V8 3.2 liter Fiat SA 8/75 was the first aero engine produced by Fiat Avio. The 50 hp OHV V-8 air-cooled aircraft engine was based on a race car engine, and first built in 1908; it was used experimentally, and noted for its excellent power to weight ratio. This engine was built for aircraft use only.
One carburettor feeds all eight cylinders. The ignition for each row of four cylinders is provided by a separate magneto.
The engine was soon followed by the widely used Fiat A.10.
An air-cooled 90 degree V
Power: 50 hp at 2000 rpm.
Bore: 2.95 in
Stroke: 3.5 in / 90 mm

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