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Viking Aircraft Engines Viking 130
Viking Aircraft Engine 130HP injected
All Viking 130 engines use Variable Valve timing and Variable Valve Lift. The 130 is as close to a Honda Fit car engine as possible, retaining all of its modern features.

The Honda based Viking engine technology include 100% liquid cooling, computerized engine management, networked engine monitor capability, digital ECU, variable intake cam timing, gasoline direct injection fuel system and variable intake valve lift.

The engines are Evans liquid cooled without pressure and run at only 2/3 Honda rated RPM redline. Only one wire and a fuel pump to connect for start. Direct injected, no complicated fuel return system needed.
The 2016 Honda Fit engine manual cover all engine specifics. Cowlings, engine mounts and propeller available along with all other accessories. The Viking has no external exhaust pipes, just a muffler.

The engines are ready to bolt to the airframe as shipped

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