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Shaw-Palmer-Bakewell Bakewell Wing-Foot
The Bakewell Wing-Foot was a new design, constructed to be inherently balanced, permitting higher motor speeds. Gear ratios could be furnished as required.
The motor is equipped with ball bearings throughout except the connecting rod crank pin bearing which is roller, and the wrist pin connecting rod bearing is bronze.
It was found that his motor does not have a vibration point up to 4700 rpm.
The crankshafts are of three piece construction. Cylinder barrels are nitralloy steel with the bore hardened. Rocker arms being enclosed in the crankcase are continually lubricated.
Valves are operated with a single cam for each cylinder, each cam shaft being mounted on two ball bearings. Each crankshaft is mounted on three ball bearings and the propeller shaft, being straight through the motor, is mounted also on three ball bearings.
All oil lines are cast integral with the gear case sections and the oiling system is operated with two hardened gear pumps; one pump removing the oil from the sump and replacing it in the supply tank, the second taking its supply from the tank and forcing it into the propeller shaft where the oil is distributed from this point by a force fed splash system.
The motor was covered by “Patents applied for” on many features.
Accessories available at extra cost were starter ($250), exhaust stacks ($80), and exhaust manifold (250).
Type: Geared V, radial
Commercial Rating: 160 hp at 2800 rpm motor speed, 1800 rpm prop.
Displacement: 456
Compression ratio: 6-1
Bore: 4 in
Stroke: 4 1/2 in
Length: 32 in
Diameter: 34 in
Weight: approx. 400 lb
Fuel consumption: not more than .55 lb/hp/hr
Oil consumption: not more than .020 lb/hp/hr
Lubrication: Force feed with splash distribution
Ignition: Scintilla
Carburation: Stromberg dual
Spark plugs: 2 per cylinder
Price: $3500 less hub and starter

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