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Axelson B
The Axelson B cylinder barrels are Ni-Cr steel forgings, with cylinder heads of cast aluminium alloy screwed and shrunk on to the barrels.   Coolong pins are machined integral with the barrel. Hinged rocker boxes compensate for heat expansion, automatically maintaining valve tappet clearance regardless of engine temperature. 
Approved Dept. Commerce Certificate No.16
Type: 7 cylinder, fixed radial, air cooled
Rating: 150 hp at 1800 rpm
Displacement: 612.3
Compression ratio: 5-1
Bore: 4.5 in
Stroke: 5.5 in
Diameter: 45 in
Length: 37.75 in
Weight: 420 lb
Fuel consumption: not more than .55 lb/hp/hr
Oil consumption: not more than .017 lb/hp/hr
Lubrication: Duplex gear pressure pump, 60-70 lb, ½ crankshaft speed
Ignition: 2 Scintilla Magnetos, MN-7 D type
Carburation: Stromberg NAR 5-A
Spark plugs: 1 per cylinder
Price: $2950

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