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Ishikawajima J3
The original J3-1 version of this simple single-spool axial-flow turbojet was developed by Nippon Jet-Engine Co, which was formed in 1953 by a group of manufacturers including Mitsubishi, Ishikawajima, Kawasaki and Fuji.
The programme was taken over by Ishikawajima-Harima in 1959 and their improved YJ3 prototype engine was flown for the first time in the Fuji T1FI trainer in 1960.
As a result of successful flight tests of this aircraft, a production batch of 20 J3-IHI-3 turbojets was ordered and the first of thes was delivered in April 1962 to power the production version of the T1FA for the JASDF.
The other 19 were scheduled for completion by November.
The J3-IHI-3 has an eight-stage steel compressor, annular combustion chamber with 30 burners and a single-stage turbine.
Its pressure ratio is 4.2:1 and air mass flow 49.51b/sec.
Max dia: 28.35 in
Overall length: 72.85 in
Dry weight: 815 1b
Weight with accessories: 948 lb
Max rating: 2,645 lb thrust
s.f.c: 1.05
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