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Hindustan / HAL PE-90H
Hindustan began a programme to provide powerplants for as many as possible of the aircraft they design. The PE-90H was developed in 41 months, using readily-available materials.
Max take-off r.p.m. were fixed at 2,600 to avoid the need for reduction gearing, and a compression ratio of 6.7 was chosen to permit the use of 73 octane fuel, which is the most easily-obtainable grade in India.
About 95 percent of the PE-90H could be manufactured in India in 1961and it is hoped eventually to produce locally the remaining components, such as magnetos and carburettors.
The prototype has a bore of 4in, stroke of 3in and swept volume of 3.15 litres (192.23, but these were to be increased on the Mk2 version, which was intended as the future power plant of the Hindustan Pushpak lightplane.
Length: 32in
Height: 21 in
Width: 31 in
Dry weight: 180 lb
Rating: 90 hp at 2,600 rpm

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