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Stanislav Wojcicli Pulse
Stanislav Wojcicki designed in 1956 a pulse-jet giving about 10 kg of thrust. Four of these pulso were installed on a flying test bed, a two-seater glider Bocian. They were installed in pairs under the wings. In 1955, S.Wojcicki had also developed more powerful versions of 20, 40 and 70 Kgp.
The Bocian included an accelerometer for measuring horizontal accelerations.
The pulse was tested in two stages: first a 10 kg pulse, that start could only be performed in flight, then a group of four 8 kg pulse, allowing the autonomous takeoff of the Bocian.
These pulses had a consumption of 2 kg / kgf / h, a weight of 6 kg and a length of 2.80 m.

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