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Turbomeca Arriel



The Turbomeca Arriel is a series of French turboshaft engines that first ran in 1974. Weighing 109 kg (240 lb), the Arriel 1 has a power output of 520 kW (700 hp). 10,000 examples had been produced by 2012.


Arriel IB


Agusta A109
Eurocopter Dauphin
Eurocopter Ecureuil
MBB/Kawasaki BK 117
Eurocopter EC145
Sikorsky S-76





Arriel 1
Type: Twin-spool free turbine turboshaft
Length: 44.2 in
Diameter: 23.5 in
Dry weight: 245 lb
Compressor: Single-stage axial plus single-stage centrifugal
Combustors: Annular combustion chamber
Turbine: Single-stage power turbine, two-stage gas generator turbine
Fuel type: Jet A1
Maximum power output: 681 shp (508 kW)
Turbine inlet temperature: 840 C





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