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Turbomeca Arrius

Turbomeca Arrius 1B


 The Turbomeca Arrius is one of a family of turboshaft engines for helicopter use, first produced in 1981. As of 2012, some 2,700 units had been sold. Power ranges between 357 kW (479 shp) and 530 kW (716 shp) for different versions. Following Turbomeca tradition, the Arrius was named after a Pyrenean peak (pic d'Arrius), located in the Ossau Valley near Pau.


Arrius 1A
Arrius 1A1
Arrius 1M
Arrius 2F
Arrius 2G2
Arrius 2B1
Arrius 2B1A
Arrius 2B2
Arrius 2K1
Arrius 2K2


Turboshafts -
Agusta A109 Power (2 x Arrius 2K1/2K2)
Bell SLS (1 x Arrius 2R)
Eurocopter AS355 N Ecureuil 2 (2 x Arrius 1A)
Eurocopter AS355 NP Ecureuil 2 (2 x Arrius 1A1)
Eurocopter AS555 Fennec (2 x Arrius 1M)
Eurocopter EC135 T1 (2 x Arrius 2B1/2B1A)
Eurocopter EC135 T2 (2 x Arrius 2B2)
Eurocopter EC635 T1 (2 x Arrius 2B1/2B1A)
Eurocopter EC635 T2 (2 x Arrius 2B2)
Eurocopter EC120B Colibri (1 x Arrius 2F)
Kamov Ka-226T (2 x Arrius 2G1)
Mil Mi-34S2 (1 x Arrius 2F)

Gas generator -
SNCASO Farfadet


Arrius 1A
Type: Twin-spool free turbine turboshaft
Length: 63 in (1601 mm)
Diameter: 17.2 in (436 mm)
Dry weight: 223.3 lb (101.3 kg)
Compressor: Single stage centrifugal
Combustors: Annular reverse flow combustion chamber
Turbine: Single stage power turbine, single stage gas generator turbine
Maximum power output: 520 shp (388 kW)
Turbine inlet temperature: 870 C






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