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Walter Castor / Super Castor

Walter Castor III


 The Walter Castor was a Czechoslovakian seven-cylinder, aircooled, radial engine for powering aircraft that was first run in 1929. The Super Castor was a nine-cylinder development.


Aero A.35
Aero A.304 (Super Castor)
Airspeed Envoy
Breda Ba.25
Dornier Do K
Fizir F1V
Hopfner HV-6/28
Letov Š-28
Rogozarski AZR
Savoia-Marchetti S.71


Type: 7-cylinder radial piston engine
Bore: 135 mm (5.3 in)
Stroke: 170 mm (6.7 in)
Dry weight: 248 kg (547 lb)
Valvetrain: One intake and one exhaust valve per cylinder
Fuel system: Zenith carburettor
Fuel type: Petrol
Cooling system: Air-cooled
Power output: 194 kW (260 hp) at 1,850 rpm (maximum power)
Compression ratio: 6:1
Power-to-weight ratio: 0.78 kW/kg (0.48 hp/lb)






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