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Shenyang WS-15
Xian WS-15


The WS-15 or Woshan 15, is a turbofan engine designed by Shenyang Aeroengine Research Institute or Institute 606 and manufactured by Xi'an Aero-Engine Company to power the Chengdu J-20 fifth generation fighter aircraft and possibly the J-10B for the PLAAF.

The People's Republic of China began development of the WS-15 in the 1990s. The WS-15 is designed to produce a maximum 180 kN thrust with afterburner and is expected to power fifth generation fighters such as the J-20. The "Core" of the WS-15 was displayed for the first time in 2010. It is rumored that the WS-15 core completed high altitude testing in 2009. A high thrust turbofan for transport aircraft based on the WS-15 core was also being developed. This turbofan designated SF-A and is developed for Y-20 military transport aircraft and C919 airliner.

The design and development of the WS-15 engine used experiences learned from the previous WS-10 turbofan engine program started in the early 1980’s.


Type: Afterburning turbofan
Compressor: axial
Maximum thrust:
Prototype: 16,500 kilograms (36,000 lb) with afterburner
Goal: 18,350 kilograms (40,500 lb) / (180 kilonewtons (40,000 lbf)) with afterburner [2]
Thrust-to-weight ratio:
Prototype: 9
Goal: 10






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