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Wright R-1300 Cyclone / Cyclone 7



The Wright R-1300 Cyclone 7 is an American air-cooled seven-cylinder supercharged radial aircraft engine similar to a single row Wright R-2600. The engine was mass-produced but not widely used. Engineering began in 1942 but the first flight of an R1300 did not take place until 1949. The engine was produced under license by Kaiser-Frazer and later by AVCO Lycoming.

The engine was used in combat, the R1300-1A, -1B in the A model North American Aviation T-28 Trojan and the R1300-3,-3A,-3C,-3D Sikorsky UH-19 Chickasaw. The R1300-1B was used in the Ayres Thrush. The R1300-4, -4A was used in the N class blimp, 50 of these designation were produced by AVCO.

The engines early on had vibration problems, an improved lateral dampener in the crank brought about most of the model changes.


A direct drive version of the R1300-1. It had a 0.5625:1 reduction drive. Both used the PD9F1 carburetor.

Derated to 690.3 hp (515 kW), uses forced-air cooling fan and uses a PD9G1 carburetor.

Similar to the R1300-1, uses some different accessory components.

With reduction gear for use on fixed wing aircraft.


N class blimp
North American T-28 Trojan
Rockwell Thrush Commander
Sikorsky H-19
Westland Whirlwind


Type: 7-cylinder supercharged air-cooled single row radial engine
Bore: 6.125 in (155.6 mm)
Stroke: 6.312 in (160.2 mm)
Displacement: 1,301 cu in (21.3 L)
Length: 48.22 in (1,225 mm)
Diameter: 55 in (1,397 mm)
Dry weight: 1,055 lb (478 kg)
Valvetrain: Two pushrod-actuated valves per cylinder with sodium-cooled exhaust valve
Supercharger: 1-stage
Fuel system: Bendix-Stromberg PD9F1 downdraft carburetor with automatic mixture control
Cooling system: Air-cooled
Power output: 800 hp (596 kW)
Specific power: 0.61 hp/ (27.94 kW/L)
Compression ratio: 6.20:1
Power-to-weight ratio: 0.76hp/lb (1.25 kW/kg)





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