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Westinghouse 24C / J34



The Westinghouse J34, company designation Westinghouse 24C, was a turbojet engine developed by Westinghouse Aviation Gas Turbine Division in the late 1940s. First run on 11 January 1947, the 24C was essentially an enlarged version of the earlier Westinghouse J30, the J34 produced 3,000 pounds of thrust, twice as much as the J30.  

It first flew in 1947. Built in an era of rapidly advancing gas turbine engine technology, the J34 was largely obsolete before it saw service, and often served as an interim engine. For instance, the Douglas X-3 "Stiletto" was equipped with two J34 engines when the intended Westinghouse J46 engine proved to be unsuitable.




Developed during the transition from piston-engined aircraft to jets, the J34 was sometimes fitted to aircraft as a supplement to other powerplants, as with the Lockheed P-2 Neptune and Douglas Skyrocket (fitted with radial piston engines and a rocket engine, respectively).

Later models produced as much as 4,900 lbs with the addition of an afterburner. The afterburner was developed by Solar Aircraft, the first U.S. company to produce a practical afterburner.

The J46 engine was developed as a larger, more powerful version of Westinghouse's J34 engine, about 50% larger.


J34-WE-2: 3,000 lb (13.4 kN) thrust
XJ34-WE-7: 3,000 lb (13.4 kN) thrust
J34-WE-13: 3,000 lb (13.38 kN) thrust
J34-WE-15: 3,000 lb (13.4 kN) thrust
J34-WE-15: 4,100 lb (18.2 kN) thrust
J34-WE-17: 3,370 lb (15 kN) thrust (4,850 lb (21.6 kN) thrust with afterburner)
J34-WE-19: 3,250 lb (14.5 kN) thrust
J34-WE-22: 3,000 lb (13.3 kN) thrust
J34-WE-30A: 3,150 lb (14.0 kN) thrust (4,224 lb (18.78 kN) thrust with afterburner)
J43-WE-32: 3,000 lb (13.3 kN) thrust
J43-WE-32: 3,400 lb (15 kN) thrust
J34-WE-34: 3,250 lb (14.5 kN) thrust
J34-WE-34-1: 3,000 lb (13.3 kN) thrust
J34-WE-36: 3,400 lb (15 kN) thrust
J34-WE-36: 4,000 lb (17.8 kN) thrust
J34-WE-36-1: 3,400 lb (15 kN) thrust
J34-WE-38: 3,600 lb (1,630 kg) thrust
J34-WE-40: 3,000 lb (13 kN) thrust
J34-WE-41: (with afterburner)


Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar (civilian variant modification)
Convair F2Y Sea Dart
Curtiss-Wright XF-87 Blackhawk
Douglas F3D Skyknight
Douglas Skyrocket
Douglas X-3 Stiletto
Lockheed XF-90
Lockheed P-2E/G/H Neptune
McDonnell 119/220
McDonnell F2H Banshee
McDonnell XF-85 Goblin
McDonnell XF-88 Voodoo
Ryan FR Fireball
Vought F6U Pirate
Vought F7U Cutlass

Ken Warby's Spirit of Australia jet boat
Shockwave (Jet Truck)
Pyro (Jet Truck)


Type: Turbojet
Length: 112 in (2.84 m)
Diameter: 27 in (0.69 m)
Dry weight: 1207 lb (547.5 kg)
Compressor: Single-Spool, 11-stage Axial
Combustors: Annular
Turbine: 2-stage turbine
Maximum thrust: 3400 lbf (15.12 kN)
Overall pressure ratio: 4.35:1
Specific fuel consumption: 1.04 lb/hr-lb
Thrust-to-weight ratio: 2.82:1






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