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Viking Aircraft Engines Viking 110



Designed by Jan Eggenfellner, the Viking 110 is a 110hp aircraft engine developed from Honda Fit engine components by Viking Aircraft Engines.


Zenith CH-601 CH-650 CH-701 CH-750
Van's RV-12
Sonex Aircraft Sonex
Just Highlander
Progressive Aerodyne SeaRey


Viking 110
Type: Inline 4 cylinder
Bore: 73mm
Stroke: 90mm
Displacement: 1497cc
Length: 24.64in
Width: 22in
Height: 21.32in
Dry weight: 178lb
Cooling system: liquid
Reduction gear: 2.33/1
Power output: 110hp
Compression ratio: 10.4
Fuel consumption: 8.5gph max







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