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Walter Minor


Walter Minor 6-III


The Walter Minor is a family of four, six and twelve-cylinder inverted inline air-cooled engine used on light aircraft. First produced in 1929, the Minor engines have steel cylinders, aluminum heads and overhead valves, with identical bore and stroke of 105 mm (4.1 in) and 115 mm (4.5 in), respectively. Typical power ratings varied from 105 hp to 160 hp. In 2012 Avia continued to produce the Minor.


Minor Sc.
Minor M 337
Minor 4-I
Minor 4-II
Minor 4-III
Minor 6-I
Minor 6-II
Minor 6-III
Minor 12 1-MR


Aero Ae 45
Aero Ae 50
Aviator Shershen'
Beneš-Mráz Beta-Minor
Fry Esprit VFII
Let L-200 Morava
LWD Zuch
Manzolini Libellula II
Nord NC.856
Nord NC.859
Nord NC-860
Oeffag O.K.15
Orličan L-40 Meta Sokol
Pasotti Airone
Praga E-210
Praga E-211
Starck AS-57
Zlin 22
Zlin Trener


Minor 4-cylinder
Type: 4-cylinder inverted inline air-cooled
Bore: 105mm (4.14 in)
Stroke: 115mm (4.53 in)
Displacement: 4 Liter (244 cu in)
Length: 1,119mm (44.09 in)
Width: 440mm (17.32 in)
Height: 630mm (24.80 in)
Dry weight: 93kg (205 lb)
Valvetrain: 1 inlet and 1 exhaust valve per cyclinder
Fuel system: 1 claudel carburetor
Fuel type: 68 octane
Cooling system: air-cooled
Power output: 95 hp at 2,550 rpm
Compression ratio: 5.3:1
Power-to-weight ratio: 2.41lb/hp at cruise power





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