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Walter Mikron
Parma Technik Mikron

Aster 4A


Walter Mikron III


The Walter Mikron is a four-cylinder, aircooled, inverted straight engine for aircraft, produced in Czechoslovakia. Since 1999, the engine was again being produced by Parma Technik of Luhačovice, mostly used on ultralight and LSA aircraft.


Mikron I
Initial production engines producing 37 kW (50 hp).

Mikron II
The Mikron II, released in 1936, had a bore of 88 mm (3.46 in) and displacement of 2.336 l (142.55 cu in), delivering 45 kW (60 hp) at 2,600 rpm max continuous and 46 kW (62 hp) at 2,800 rpm for short periods. After a hiatus in production during the Second World War, production resumed till 1948, when the Micron III went into production.

Mikron III
With a displacement of 2.44 l (148.90 cu in), it produces 48.5 kW (65.0 hp) at 2,600 rpm.

Mikron IIIA

Mikron M IIIAE

Mikron IIIB
New improved version of the Mikron 56 kW (75 hp) at 2,750rpm for 5 minutes, max continuous power of 51 kW (69 hp) from 2.44 l (148.90 cu in), bore 90 mm (3.54 in), stroke 96 mm (3.78 in), dry weight 69 kg (152.12 lb)

Mikron IIIC
60 kW (80 hp) at 2,800rpm from 2.7 l (164.76 cu in), bore 93.3 mm (3.67 in), stroke 96 mm (3.78 in).


Aster 4A
Licenced Walter Mikron, 60 hp


Aerolab LoCamp
Avia BH-1
Alaparma Baldo
Avions Fairey Belfair
Avions Fairey Junior
Bücker Bü 180
Chrislea Airguard
Currie Wot
Isaacs Fury
Jodel D11
Johansen CAJO 59
Koolhoven F.K.53
L-13 SE Vivat
L-13 SW Vivat
Lemberger LD20b
Luton Major
Podesva Trener
Rogožarski SIM-VI
Rogožarski SIM-VIa
Skandinaviska Aero BHT-1 Beauty
Tipsy B
Utva Trojka
Zlín Z-XII


Mikron II
Type: 4-cylinder inverted air-cooled inline
Bore: 88 mm (3.46 in)
Stroke: 96 mm (3.78 in)
Displacement: 2.336 l (142.6 cu in)
Length: 804 mm (31.65 in) with starter
Width: 342 mm (13.46 in) with fuel pump
Height: 635 mm (25.00 in) with fuel pump
Dry weight: 61 kg (134.48 lb) dry
Valvetrain: One intake and one exhaust valve per cylinder operated by pushrods and rockers
Fuel system: 1 Claudel-Hobson carburettor
Fuel type: 73 octane gasoline
Oil system: Pressure fed, dry sump
Cooling system: Air-cooled
Starter: 1x Walter mecano 4 hand starter
Power output: 45 kW (60 hp) at 2,600 rpm continuous, 46 kW (62 hp) at 2,800 rpm maximum for short periods
Compression ratio: 6:1
Power-to-weight ratio: 0.8 kW/kg (0.5 hp/lb)






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