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Snecma M88



The Snecma M88 is a French afterburning turbofan engine developed by Snecma for the Dassault Rafale fighter.

The M88 Pack CGP (for "total cost of ownership") or M88-4E is based on a study contract, development and production reported in 2008 by the General Delegation for Armament and was to introduce technical improvements to reduce maintenance costs. The purpose of this release was to reduce cost of ownership of the M88 and longer inspection intervals of the main modules by increasing the lifetime of the hot and rotating parts. It was tested in flight for the first time March 22, 2010 at Istres, the Rafale's M02 CEV.


Type: Twin-shaft, turbofan engine
Length: 3538 mm (139.3 in)
Diameter: 696 mm (27.5 in) max
Dry weight: 897 kg (1,977 lb)
Compressor: 3 stage low pressure, 6 stage high pressure
Combustors: Annular
Turbine: single stage high pressure, single stage low pressure
Maximum thrust: 50 kN (11,250 lbf) dry, 75 kN (16,900 lbf) wet (afterburning)
Overall pressure ratio: 24.5:1
Bypass ratio: 0.3
Turbine inlet temperature: 1,850K (1,577 °C)
Fuel consumption: 0.80 kg/(daN*h) (0.78 lbm/(lbf*h)) (dry), 1.75 kg/(daN*h) (1.72 lbm/(lbf*hr)) (wet/afterburning)
Thrust-to-weight ratio: 5.7:1 (dry), 8.5:1 (wet/afterburning)






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