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MTR / MAN/Rolls-Royce/Turboméca MTR390


The MTU Turbomeca Rolls-Royce MTR390 is a turboshaft developed for light helicopter applications by MTU Turbomeca Rolls-Royce (MTR). The engine is designed to power helicopters in the weight range of 5-7 tonnes in both single and twin engine configurations. So far the only application is the Eurocopter Tiger. Test runs of the MTR390 began in 1989 and the first test flight was performed in 1991. The MTR390 received military certification in May 1996 and civil approval in June 1997.
An uprated version, the MTR390-E (Enhanced), was being developed with Spain's ITP.
Eurocopter Tiger


Type: Centrifugal Turboshaft
Length: 42.4 in (108 cm)
Diameter: 26.8 in (68 cm)
Dry weight: 372 lb (169 kg)
Compressor: Centrifugal, 2 stage
Combustors: Annular
Turbine: 1 stage high pressure turbine, 2 stage low pressure turbine
Maximum power output: 1465 shp
Overall pressure ratio: 13:1
Specific fuel consumption: 0.46 lb/shp-hr






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