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Turbomeca TM 333


The Turbomeca TM 333 is a turboshaft engine designed for 5- to 6-ton-class helicopters. It was originally intended to power Eurocopter's twin-engine Dauphin and Panther helicopters. The TM 333 found its first commercial application on the HAL Dhruv. First run in 1975, 250 were built.


TM 333 2B2 (for multi-engine applications)
HAL Dhruv employed two TM 333 2B2 engines each developing 825 kW at takeoff, with growth potential to 900 kW for subsequent versions. The TM 333 2B2 is the initial production engine used on the Dhruv. Approximately 250 engines are installed on Dhruv and further production has been stopped as it is replaced by Shakti engine which is joint development by HAL & Turbomeca.

TM 333 2M2 (for single-engine applications)
Another version, the TM333 2M2, was being developed with reduced power to be fitted on the Cheetal, the upgraded version of the HAL Cheetah, and the Chetan, the upgraded version of the HAL Chetak (Alouette III).


Eurocopter Dauphin
Eurocopter Panther
HAL Dhruv
HAL Cheetah
HAL Chetak


TM333 2B2
Type: Turboshaft
Length: 1045 mm
Dry weight: 166.5 kg
Compressor: 2 stage Axial compressor & single stage centrifugal compressor
Combustors: Reverse annular flow
Turbine: 2 low-pressure and 2 high-pressure stages
Fuel type: ATF K-50
Maximum power output: 801kW (1073.72 hp)
Overall pressure ratio: 10:1
Turbine inlet temperature: 1230°C







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