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Wolseley 1912 160hp V-8



The Wolseley 160 hp was a British V-8, water-cooled aero engine that first ran in 1910, it was designed and built by Wolseley Motors. Its sole known use was in the ill-fated HMA No. 1 airship which broke in two while being removed from its shed on 24 September 1911.


160 hp
Type: eight-cylinder, 90 degree, upright V-engine
Bore: 5.0 in (127 mm)
Stroke: 7.0 in (178 mm)
Displacement: 1,100 cu in (18 L)
Fuel type: Petrol
Cooling system: Water-cooled
Reduction gear: Direct drive, right-hand tractor
Power output: 147 hp (110 kW) at 1,200 rpm (maximum power for "short periods")
Specific power: 0.13 hp/cu in (6.1 kw/L)






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