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Mikulin AM-35




The Mikulin AM-35 was a liquid-cooled V-12 piston aircraft engine. Derived from the AM-34FRN, the AM-35 first ran in October 1939, entered production in 1940 and was used on the MiG-1 and MiG-3 World War II fighters as well as the Petlyakov Pe-8 heavy bomber. The engine was very similar to the AM-38F of the Ilyushin Il-2, and built in the same plant (Kuybyshev, in late 1941). It was for this fact that Mikulin was forced to focus production on the AM-38F, thus discontinuing construction of the AM-35.


Ilyushin Il-2
Petlyakov Pe-8


Type: Piston V12 engine with 60 deg angle
Bore: 160mm (6.3 in)
Stroke: 190mm/196.7mm (7.48 in/7.744 in)
Displacement: 46.66 L (2,847
Length: 2,402 mm (94.5 in)
Width: 866 mm (34.1 in)
Height: 1,089 mm (42.9 in)
Dry weight: 830 kg (1,830 lb)
Supercharger: Two-speed centrifugal type supercharger M-100 with aftercooler
Cooling system: Liquid-cooled
Power output: 993 kW (1,350 hp) at 2,050 rpm
Specific power: 21.6 kW/L (0.47 hp/
Compression ratio: 7.0:1
Specific fuel consumption: 0.46 kg/km (1.64 lb/mile) calculated, 0.38 kg/km (1.35 lb/mile) observed.
Power-to-weight ratio: 1.21 kW/kg (0.74 hp/lb)





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