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Mikulin AM-3
Mikulin RD-3M


The Mikulin AM-3 (also called RD-3M) was a turbojet engine developed in the Soviet Union by Alexander Mikulin. The development of the high performance single-shaft engine began in 1948. The engine was used in different versions for the Tupolev Tu-16 and Tu-104, as well as the Myasishchev M-4. It had a single-stage blower and an eight-stage high pressure compressor, that were propelled by a two-stage high pressure turbine.


first series version




Version for M-4 with 85,6 kN thrust


AM-3M-500, AM-3M-500A: developed further versions with 93,1 kN


Chinese copy of the AM-3 with 91,3 kN thrust for the Xian H-6 (reproduction of the Tu-16)


Type: Turbojet engine
Length: 5,380 mm
Diameter: 1,400 mm
Dry weight: 3,200 kg
Compressor: Axial-flow
Maximum thrust: 85,3 kN
Specific fuel consumption: 0.932 kg (kN•h)
Power-to-weight ratio:








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