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Mikulin AM-38

Mikulin AM-38F


The Mikulin AM-38 was a Soviet liquid-cooled V-12 aircraft engine first run in 1941. It was a further development of the Mikulin AM-35 design. The AM-38 was used on the Il-2 Shturmovik and Il-10 ground attack aircraft. The engine may also have been installed in MiG-3 aircraft, as a field modification, to improve the speed and performance

Approximately 36,163 were built.


Low-altitude version with greater takeoff power and a 10 minute forsazh (war emergency power) mode.


Ilyushin Il-2
Ilyushin Il-10


Type: 12-cylinder 60 deg Vee aircraft piston engine
Bore: 160mm (6.30 in)
Stroke: 190mm/196.7mm (7.48 in/7.744 in)
Displacement: 46.66 L (2,847
Dry weight: 880 kg (1,940 lb)
Supercharger: Single speed centrifugal
Cooling system: Liquid-cooled
Power output: 1,270 kW (1,700 hp) at 2,350 rpm
Specific power: 27.2 kW/L (0.60 hp/in³)
Compression ratio: 6.0:1
Power-to-weight ratio: 1.53 kW/kg (0.93 hp/lb)






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