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Maybach HS
Maybach Mb.IV


The Maybach Mb.IV, originally designated Maybach HS, (only related to the Mb IVa by layout and size), was a six cylinder in-line, water cooled, piston engine, originally developed for use in airships, it was also used for large aircraft such as the Dornier Rs.I giant seaplane. Variants of the original HS engine included the Maybach HS D and Maybach HS Lu.
MbIVa's featured six over-sized cylinders, a compression ratio of 6.7/1 and a dry weight of about 860lb. (in the 1918 version with aluminum pistons.)  There was a floatless carburetor at each end of the engine (working with a ball-and-sump setup) and the engine was hand-cranked, with compression reliefs on the cylinders magneto starting and hand-powered suction primer.  Designed for high-altitude flying, they could not be run a full throttle below 6000 feet.  Rugged, reliable power plants, they could run out about 2000 hours between overhaul.



Maybach HS
Company designation
Maybach HS D
A variant of the HS
Maybach HS Lu
A high compression high altitude rated variant.
Power: 240-hp
The Idflieg designation for production HS engines.


Dornier Rs.I
Siemens-Schuckert L.I







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