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Lyulka S-18
Lyulka TR-1


In May 1944 Arkhip Lyulka was ordered to begin development of a turbojet with a thrust of 12.3 kN (2,800 lbf). He demonstrated an eight-stage axial-flow engine in March 1945 called the S-18. In early 1946 the Council of Ministers ordered that the S-18 be developed into an operational engine with a thrust of 15.5 kN (3,500 lbf). The TR-1 was developed in early 1946 and had its first static run on 9 August. It was the first indigenous Soviet jet engine. It was tested in the air on a pylon fitted to a Lend-Lease B-25 Mitchell piston-engined bomber.

The TR-1 was not a success, proving to have less thrust and a higher specific fuel consumption than designed. Its failure led directly to the cancellation of the first Soviet jet bomber, the Ilyushin Il-22.

Lyulka further developed the engine into the TR-1A of 20.5 kN of thrust, but its specific fuel consumption was very high and it too was cancelled.


Alekseyev I-21
Ilyushin Il-22
Sukhoi Su-10
Sukhoi Su-11


Type: Turbojet
Dry weight: 885 kg (1,951 lb)
Compressor: eight-stage axial-flow
Turbine: single stage
Maximum thrust: 12.8 kN (2,900 lbf)
Specific fuel consumption: 129 - 137 kg/kN·h (1.27-1.35 lb/lbf·h)
Thrust-to-weight ratio: 14.5 N/kg (1.47 lbf/lb)








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