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Lange EA 42


First run in 1995, the Lange EA 42 is an electrical aero engine designed for self launching gliders. It is produced in Germany by Lange Aviation for their Antares 20E glider.

The EA 42 combines an EM 42 brushless 42 kW electric external rotor motor with a related engine control system and power electronics. The motor drives a two-bladed composite fixed pitch propeller with a diameter of 2 m (7 ft). It is powered by a battery pack.


Lange Antares 20E
Lange Antares 23E
Schempp-Hirth Arcus E

Power 38.5 kW

EM42 electrical engine
Diameter 25 cm (10 in)
Length 27.2 cm (11 in)
Mass 29.12 kg (64 lb)

LE 42 power electronics
Length 42.2 cm (17 in)
Width 16.9 cm (7 in)
Height 20.8 cm (8 in)
Mass 9.58 kg (21 lb)



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