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Klimov TV7-117




The TV7-117 is a Russian turboprop engine certified in 1997 to power the Ilyushin Il-114 regional commuter aircraft. The new engine features enhanced reliability, fuel economy and greater service life compared with its predecessors produced in the former Soviet Union. The engine has a modular design. The nine modules can be replaced in the field, which dramatically reduces costs and accelerates repair and maintenance. The engine has an electronic-hydromechanical control system.

The TV7-117 engine has been offered to power the newest Russian turboprop aircraft such as Ilyushin Il-112, MiG-110 and Tu-136. In addition, Klimov developed the TV7-117B turboshaft to power rotary-wing aircraft and marine drives for power high-speed boats and industrial electric power plants. The TV7-117 engine family are produced by Klimov JSC (St. Petersburg), Chernishov JSC (Moscow) and the Baranov JSC (Omsk).


TV7-117SM is a variant that was introduced by Klimov in 2002 featuring a Full Authority Digital Electric Control (FADEC) system based on the BARK-12 or BARK-57 electroniс engine control unit, as well as improved reliability, manufacturability and maintainability. It features an enclosed centrifugal wheel that increases its power by 10% while maintaining all the other performance parameters. The Klimov Company holds a patent for the design and manufacturing of such wheels.

TV7-117B is a TV7-117 version that was developed into a turboshaft engine. It is used on modernized Mi-8 helicopters.

TV7-117V/VM is a model with the power shaft in front dedicated to the Mi-38 (VK-3000 family).

TV7-117VK is a version with the power shaft in the rear to upgrade Mi-28 and Ka50/Ka52 helicopters (VK-3000 family).


Ilyushin Il-112
Ilyushin Il-114
Mil Mi-8
Mil Mi-17


Type: turboprop/turboshaft
Length: 2,136 mm (84.1 in)
Diameter: 940 mm (37 in)
Dry weight: 530 kg (1,170 lb)
Compressor: single shaft axial flow centrifugal compressor, 5 axial + 1 centrifugal stages
Combustors: annular
Turbine: 2-stage axial flow
Maximum power output: 2800 hp
Overall pressure ratio: 16 (ratio on takeoff)
Fuel consumption: 180 g/hp/hr (cruise)



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