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Klimov VK-800


The Klimov VK-2500 is a Russian turboshaft aero-engine, a high power derivative of the Klimov ТV7-117VMA engine also for hot and high.

It differs from the older versions in having an extended overhaul period of the engine hot components, extra gas-dynamic stability at varying duties, engine parameters accuracy and engine control quality, enhanced monitoring depth providing operation of the engine according to its technical condition and better weight characteristics and overall dimensions.


Has 1750shp (1287kW) maximum continuous performance and a 2400 shp (1764kW) take-off performance

Has a 1500shp (1103kW) maximum continuous performance and a 2200 shp (1617kW) take-off performance

Has a 1500shp (1103kW) maximum continuous performance and a 2000 shp (1470kW) take-off performance


Kamov Ka-50
Kamov Ka-52
Mil Mi-28


Type: Turboshaft
Dry weight: 300kg
Maximum power output: 1287kW (1750shp)
Specific fuel consumption: 0.22 kg/hp/hr




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