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Mosler CB40


The engine was progressively developed designed around Volkswagen air-cooled engine components. Global Motors originally designed a 1/2 VW engine for use in light aircraft. The company and its designs were then sold to Mosler Motors. Warren Mosler specialized in racing engines and added the engine to the list of products eventually marketed under the company name Total Engine Concepts.
The CB-40 was re-engineered to overcome problems of vibration and cooling in the original design. In order to improve oil circulation a new oil sump, professionally designed and CNC manufactured was added. Prepared for carb heat and cabin heat.
TEC MM CB-40 installation on a Preceptor N3 Pup
Suited for ultralight use and single seat light sport aircraft, the engine weighs 86 lbs and produces 40 hp (30 kW). The engine uses a short aluminum crankcase with redesigned oil galleries for improved lubrication. The engine is counterweight balanced with a drop-forged crankshaft.
The engine was dropped from production in 1998.
Base model 40 hp (30 kW).
Type: 2-cylinder air-cooled horizontally opposed aircraft piston engine
Bore: 3.701 in
Stroke: 3.071 in
Displacement: 66.1
Dry weight: 86 lbs
Fuel type: 100LL avgas
Cooling system: Air-cooled
Power output: 40 hp at 3250 rpm at sea level
Compression ratio: 8.94:1
Mosler CB40
2 Cylinder 4-stroke
Power: 40hp/3200rpm
Weight: 40kg
Displacement: 1100cc
TBO: 1000hr
Ignition: Magneto Fairbanks
Fuel cons: 4-5 L/hr
Cycle: 4 stroke
No cylinders: 2
Compression: 9
Displacement: 1024 cc
Cooling: Air
Ignition: Electronic
Reduction: 3.5/1 mechanical
Dimension: 540 x 740 x 590 mm
Weight: 74 kg
Max pwr: 90 hp at 7250 rpm
Max torque: 90 at 5000 rpm
Fuel consumption: 240 G/kw/hr
Price 1998: 13 000 DM






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