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Hispano-Suiza 14AA




The Hispano-Suiza 14AA was a fourteen-cylinder aircraft radial engine used in France during the late 1930s. As Hispano-Suiza lacked recent experience in developing radial engines, it was derived from the licensed Wright R-2600 engine. Due to reliability problems, the engine was largely supplanted by the similar Gnome-Rhône 14N.

Not to be confused with the smaller Hispano-Suiza 14AB, which was derived from the smaller Wright Whirlwind series.


Amiot 341
LeO 45
Farman F.223
Latécoère 530
Latécoère 570
Koolhoven F.K.58



Type: Fourteen-cylinder two-row supercharged air-cooled radial engine
Bore: 156 mm (6.13 in)
Stroke: 170 mm (6.69 in)
Displacement: 45.25 l (2,761 in³)
Length: 1,650 mm (64.96 in)
Diameter: 1,260 mm (49.61 in)
Dry weight: 640 kg (1,411 lb)
Valvetrain: Overhead valves
Supercharger: Single-speed centrifugal type supercharger, 10.0:1 reduction
Fuel system: Carburetor
Fuel type: 85-87 octane rating gasoline
Cooling system: Air-cooled
Reduction gear: 1.58:1
Power output: 793 kW (1,063 hp) at 2,125 rpm for takeoff
Specific power: 17.52 kW/l (0.39 hp/in³)
Compression ratio: 6.2:1
Specific fuel consumption: 369 g/(kW•h) (0.61 lb/(hp•h))
Oil consumption: 12 g/(kW•h) (0.32 oz/(hp•h))
Power-to-weight ratio: 1.24 kW/kg (0.75 hp/lb)



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