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Tumansky R-13
Guizhou WP-13


The Tumansky R-13, designed by Sergei Alekseevich Gavrilov, is a development of the successful Tumansky R-11 engine. It is a two-spool axial-flow turbojet featuring a new five-stage high-pressure compressor, new combustion chamber design to facilitate restarting the engine at high altitudes, new afterburner, and greater use of titanium components. It is used by MiG-21M, MF, SM, and SMT, and Sukhoi Su-15M and TM. R-13 is also built in China as LM WP13, and experienced similar fate like Tumansky R-11: originally, both were supposed to be licensed built in China, but due to Sino-Soviet split, all Soviet technical support was withdrawn and China was forced to do the job itself. Under the leadership of the general designer Mr. Jiang Hepu, both R-11 and R-13 were successfully built in China on its own, and were given the designation of WP-7 and WP-13 respectively.



Type: Afterburning turbojet
Length: 4,605 mm (181.3 in)
Diameter: 1,095 mm (43.1 in)
Dry weight: 1,205 kg (2,656 lb)
Compressor: Two-spool axial compressor
Maximum thrust:
39.9 kN (8,970 lbf) military thrust
63.7 kN (14,320 lbf) with afterburner
Overall pressure ratio: 8.9:1
Turbine inlet temperature: 1,005 °C (1,840 °F)
Specific fuel consumption:
95 kg/(h·kN) (0.93 lb/(h·lbf)) at idle
213 kg/(h·kN) (2.09 lb/(h·lbf)) with afterburner
Thrust-to-weight ratio: 52.8 N/kg (5.4:1)



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