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Guiberson Diesel Engine Co A-980 / A-1020




The Guiberson A-1020 is a four-stroke diesel radial engine developed for use in aircraft and tanks.
Designed by Fred A. Thaheld, development started in the 1930s with the A-918 and A-980, which was first flown in 1931. It is a single-row direct drive nine cylinder four cycle engine.

Production A-1020's and T-1020's were designed and sold by Guiberson and produced by Buda Engine Co.



Guiberson A-980
210hp - the initial development model for use on aircraft.

Guiberson A-1020
340hp - production engines for aircraft use.
Guiberson T-1020
250hp for use in light tanks such as the M5 Stuart


Waco 10 - A-980
Stinson Reliant - A-1020
M5 Stuart light tank - T-1020



Type: 9-cyl air-cooled radial diesel piston engine
Bore: 5.125 in (130.18 mm)
Stroke: 5.5 in (139.70 mm)
Displacement: 1,021 cu in (16.73 l)
Dry weight: 650 lb (294.84 kg)
Designer: F. A. Thaheld
Power output: 340 hp (253.54 kW)
Compression ratio: 15:1
Specific fuel consumption: .42 lb/hp/hr (0.14 kg/kW/hr)
Oil consumption: 0.33 US gall/hr (1.25 l/hr
Power-to-weight ratio: 0.52 hp/lb (0.85 kW/kg)



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